Monday, December 10, 2007

On Saturday, for H's birthday, we went on a 60-mile training ride with a bunch of people we know. It was my first time taking the road bike out for a road bike ride, so I was pretty psyched to see what it could do. It was great powering along on the flats, tucking and zooming downhill, and even sitting back and spinning up some big hills. I loved spending some time in the big ring, and in the drops. Yup. I've been riding this a lot lately, and loving it.

There is a full-sized picture here. Unfortunately, it's not in its natural habitat (yet) - I just put new batteries in the camera, and the bike was against the wall, and what with the seasons being what they are, it's dark outside.

But, it's a photograph to satisfy the curious masses (hi Beth! this post is pretty much for you). Bianchi Veloce steel frame. At first I thought it was Reynolds 631, but it turns out it's a basic Bianchi-brand CroMo. Steel fork, with a threaded steerer. I liked that, because it meant that it was old enough to get a good deal on it. It's a nine-speed triple, with mostly Campagnolo Veloce components. I was thinking of swapping out the triple for a compact crankset, but don't feel strongly about it. 170mm cranks, of course - a bit more leverage, though I do prefer 165s on my track bike. It's sporting a set of f-a-n-c-y michelin Pro2race tires, which i got at the trexlertown swapmeet for ten bucks (not each. total).

I've got some road pedals, but they're currently on my pretty track bike, and since I'm commuting on this one, it gets a set of Time ATACs. I got rid of the ugly clunky stem and squishy saddle that used to be on it. Also, huge bonus is that all my bikes take a 27.2mm seatpost. That means that in foul weather, if i'm riding my beater, i can pull off the seatpost with the Brooks saddle, and pop in this one, with the Selle Italia. And swap to my Pogliaghi, if desired. I like compatability.

This bike is FUN. I love getting into a tuck and going down hills. I like pushing down on the thumb tab on my shifter and having the chain drop to a smaller cog, and going faster.

So, that's the buzz. I like my road bike (even though as a fixed-gear neophyte, years ago, I do recall swearing off derailleurs and coasting for, like, um, ever. but we all say silly things in our youth, don't we?).

Look forward to more pictures in its natural habitat.