Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I've been being a nerd over here.

I get hobbies, hard. I remember when I felt like I became a musician - not just a practitioner of music, but somebody for whom music was vital. There were rhythms in my stride and melodies bounding through my head. Everything I saw, I sang. Songs - bad ones, mostly, and then better ones - just flew out of my head and out of my mouth and out of my pen and out of my guitar.

There have been others.

Now, it's cycling. Specifically, racing. There's so much there for it - the calmness in my head when I ride. The connection to my body and to the world. The adrenaline and the energy and the triumph. The intricacies of tactical races, teamwork. The speed of a sprint. The pain of breathlessness, the quivering legs.

So there it is.


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