Friday, February 15, 2008

The thrill of alleycat racing returns! What could be better than a Valentine's Day Race - or a pre-Race conversation with one's sweetie that goes something like this:

"Now, hon, I'm going all out on this race, so if we don't stick together - that's okay, right? I mean, the start will be a scramble, and sometimes I just make a quick turn-off for a different route."
"No, that's fine. Go all-out. I didn't want to have to wait for you at checkpoints anyway..."

...all in sensible nature and good fun. And we're not even competitive.

It was fun to race a Manhattan alleycat again - high speeds up the avenues, twisting through intersections, hopping off bikes and grabbing things at checkpoints. At the last checkpoint, sprinting with the guy I'd been riding with all race, I realized that we were in the top 5. We sprinted East on 10th Street from Broadway. I caught him at every red light but he beat me through every intersection. I rode up on the sidewalk and hopped down at 25 mph. When we finally got to the finish line - just a bunch of people outside the bar - he dumped his bike and beat me to it as I fell over his bike. A great way to end a great race - he and I catching up to each other, passing each other, and getting passed again. Working together and competing in the strange way that only alleycats can offer.

4th place overall - not too shabby.