Thursday, January 15, 2009

Being snowed in means that there's no way I can go for a training ride, and that I must ride for work. It's tough but not terrible. At least it's below freezing, which means that it won't be so wet.

I registered for a hilly, challenging race to take place on April 18th. In the early spring, I'm hoping that slightly rising temperatures and more daylight, combined with my enthusiasm for the April 18th race, will get me outside getting in those long, hilly miles I'll need to be ready.

Prior to that there will be criteriums in Connecticut, which mean weekend road trips with whomever I can muster. Early Sunday mornings hopping on commuter trains going north, in lycra and casual clothes, bikes near at hand, eating oatmeal and drinking water, preparing for not one but two races per day around and around tight, short, fast courses.

This morning I replaced my road bike's bottom bracket and tweaked some uncooperative gears, and it's sitting there like a puppy in a headcone, begging me to take it outside and to let it gnaw at its wound.

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